Common sin made by Customer Service

Well are some issues with their consumer service. The mains problems I encounter so far from some consumer that contacted first:

Moving WordPress site to the root: This is one of the most simplest thing to do, but some representative from their consumer service made him paste this in his .htaccess file:

Redirect 301 /

Trying to blame the code for stuff that 100% server fault. For example not being fast enough to make zip files, compile less.

There is a lot issues too when it comes down to their speed in server. Even tho they do provide a lot tools for not internet nerds. This tools are made so badly that most of the time they don’t work like the backups for sites made with their editor. or one click installations.

Well even tho is a cheap solution for most people, Im sure people can do better with the same amount of money. I will try to collect more errors or just comment down bellow. and last reviews can tell a lot about a company and this one has a really low.


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