Android 4.2.2 vs iOS 7; user point of view Part 01

Well first of all, I am not a fan boy of apple, I do have mac computer, but also have some windows and linux computers, I have used many phones from htc, nokia, Lg… But the main point is: Since iphone came out with the 3Gs I always had an iDevice close, since it always felt much superior in the OS. But after I changed to the 4s when it came out I just stick to that phone from a long time, actually 2 years, no screen broken(even tho it fall in the gym many times), still quiet good battery life.

So I decided to change, just to give it chance again to Android since i havent have a device running the open source os since 2.3.3, now the hard decision came at the time of choosing a good phone. In the end the best phone for me come to be the HTC One mini it has a great design, good size (” call me old fashion or what ever, but phone are better small”) , and in general tech looked better than the iphone.. btw thanks to the guys from geekaphone for having such a great service.
This first part will consist of the reality of the clock speed, ram, display and resolution:Captura de pantalla 2013-11-15 23.43.39

  1. Speed , Yes HTC One mini looks like it is a big winner in this case, and actually in most of the part when it comes of processing websites, rendering html and it javascript engine does perform a lot better than the 4s and actually that is the only best improvement i can tell from the 4S, besides that, opening applications, performing in games, simple task as Flipboard is just a not a match for iPhone 4S or iOS
  2. RAM, yes since it looks like the clear winner here is HTC, but to be honest i don’t think 99% of people out there uses much memory RAM while using their devices so this point is just useless for making sale argument, but even tho it does have more memory power to be able to execute more applications at the time, it does only support 9 applications open at the time by default. and even tho it has a lot horse power is just not smooth or fast to change with in the open applications.
  3. Screen Size, this is one of the feature im more happy about it, since it has the perfect size when I compere to my old iPhone 4S and actually is good size for reading some articles in the train or bus. But besides that nothing like really important or special.
  4. Actually for the resolution is so small the difference that it is really hard or impossible to notice the difference.

So to conclude this first part, iphone 4s (iOS7) wining 1-0