Ghost Blogging – Casper theme for WordPress

Edit The init part of the theme is up online in github so feel free to try it and raise any issue or suggestions.

Well, not long ago I came across this great ghost platform, it possess a great theme, this theme is a simple, minimalistic and really useful, Casper theme is one of the best theme out there for blogging or just to build small- mid range sites.

With this in mind I got to made a WordPress theme based on this Casper theme. Right now Im cleaning the code, commenting it and it will be up in github in the next couple of days. but you can star it or follow it get the update as soon I update the code.

This theme has the following features:

  1. Ajax loading for post
  2. Image processing, to match colors of navigation shadow with the images in header
  3. Image processing to generate the best possible color to create contrast with current header image
  4. Html5 and CSS3
  5. All source include original SASS files
  6. No libraries dependencies, just jQuery for basic object manipulation.
  7. IE9 support
  8. Social Media Support
  9. Random header images support
  10. Feature Image as header image for single post.
  11. Mobile Support
  12. and more…

Features that will be improved by the time is available for download.

  1. Mobile animations
  2. Form CSS improvements
  3. Image Processing in mobiles

This theme it will be an open source project and MIT license.

Enjoy it. to see a preview sample the working development theme is being used in this site for


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